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Energy Efficiency Program in Rural Bangladesh
We are providing CDM Consultancy Services to develop a Programmatic Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Project titled "Energy Efficiency Program in Rural Bangladesh".

BRAC Impact Ventures Limited (BIVL) is the Coordinating and Managing Entity (CME) of the Program. BIVL is a "for profit" organization committed to serve people who are at the poorest socio-economic group (commonly known as Bottom of the Pyramid or BoP).

Based on the WHO / UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme data, 27.65 million people in the Bangladesh lack access to safe drinking water out of which 21.4 million people are living in rural Bangladesh. One of the major health problems in Bangladesh can be traced to water scarcity and a lack of quality water. According to UNICEF, annually 50,800 children die due to diarrhoea in Bangladesh. This number is very high (5.44 %) compared to the global prevalence (2.67%).

Under the Program, water purification systems (WPS) will be deployed in rural Bangladesh with the objective of increasing access to safe drinking water, reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improving health conditions for the people living at the BoP. As a result, nearly 5 million people will get access to safe drinking water of the 27.65 million currently without. With the assistance of carbon finance, this project can be economically sustainable throughout its lifetime.

The Program is expected to reduce approximately 1.5 million tonne of equivalent CO2 emission per year. The lifetime of the program is expected to be 28 years.

This Program is the first recipient of UNFCCC CDM Loan for project development in Bangladesh.
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