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Municipal Solid Waste Management Facility Project at Tongi, Gazipur, Bangladesh
We are providing CDM Consultancy Services to develop a Programmatic Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Project titled "Municipal Solid Waste Management Facility Project at Tongi, Gazipur, Bangladesh" and secured the second UNFCCC CDM Loan in Bangladesh for this Project.

BRAC Environmental Enterprises Limited (BEEL) has initiated this CDM Project with an objective to improve the quality of the environment through a sustainable solid waste management project located in Tongi Municipality, Bangladesh. This Project will stop present unhygienic waste dumping practices in low lying areas and the Turag River, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by trapping methane that would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere from the open dump site, and contribute to the agricultural sector through the conservation of land fertility. Collected solid waste will be used for power generation and help reduce the usage of natural gas.

Residual waste from the Project will suitably assist in providing germ-free and nitrogen-rich fine particle soil conditioner for agriculture, horticulture and vegetable production in the country. Additionally, digestate organic liquid fertilizers can be used directly in aquaculture and tea gardens.

This Project is the first MSW to Electricity Generation model in Bangladesh. The Proposed Plant is designed to handle 100 ton OFMSW as daily input.
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