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Preparatory Survey on BoP Business on Non- firing Solidified Brick Technology
We are performing consulting services for ALCEDO Corporation, Japan in order to conduct a "Preparatory Survey on BoP Business on Non-firing Solidified Brick Technology" commissioned by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

BoP business, often referred to as "inclusive business", has drawn a great deal of attention as a new approach which uses business principles to solve problems in developing countries that cannot be accomplished by aid agencies alone. According to the 2009 UN Human Development Report, 76.5% out of a population of 160 million people is made up by the poorest socioeconomic segment of the Bangladeshi population, the "base of the pyramid (BoP)", who spend less than USD 2 per day. The sheer size of this population represent a huge market, where people are interested in producing, buying and consuming innovative products. This is representative of an interesting business opportunity in the form of a substantial new market for goods and services, which in turn can improve the livelihoods of the poor and vulnerable.

ALCEDO Corporation, in collaboration with Kamei Seito, has been selected as the recipient of the JICA "BoP Business Promotion Survey" grant to conduct a feasibility study on Non-firing Solidified Brick Technology in Bangladesh. The patented non-firing solidification technology can utilize different types of industrial wastes to produce brick. Up to 93% of raw material can come from industrial wastes so the use of clay is significantly reduced. Some usable industrial wastes include coal ash, glass cullet, silica sand, dust, and most inorganic materials. Since the brick does not need to be fired, coal is not used and thereby, this technology eliminates air pollution and other health hazards during brick production.
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