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Initial Public Offering (IPO) & Repeat Public Offering (RPO)
Valuation of the Issuer Company and pricing of the securities to be offered to the public using various financial modeling techniques
Preparation of the Information Memorandum/Prospectus
Due diligence of all material agreements and documents (asset title deeds, joint venture agreement(s), etc.)
Assessment and settlement of tax and/or legal issues with the assistance of the Company and other professionals such as legal and financial advisors/auditors
Co-ordination of work of other professionals and organizations, e.g. lawyers, accounting firms, credit rating agencies, bankers to the issue, underwriters, etc.
Co-ordination of works with various regulatory authorities, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Bangladesh Bank, Stock Exchanges, Registrar of Joint Stock Companies (RJSC), etc.
Obtain, arrange and present all documents to file the application to the SEC in compliance with the Public Issue Rules & Regulations of Bangladesh
Submit complete application with all relevant documents to the SEC and Stock Exchange(s)
Arranging bankers to the issue and underwriting syndication
Liaising with the SEC on all issues regarding the IPO
Co-ordination post issue management services
Products & Services
Investment Banking
Rights Issue
Capital Raising
Corporate Advisory
Structured Finance
Loan Syndication
Bond and Convertibles
Private Equity
Merger and Acquisition
Portfolio Management
Cap Edge
Managed Cap Edge