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Portfolio Management
BEIL offers Portfolio Management services to both individual and institutional investors. Whether you choose to entrust the management of your portfolio to one of our professionals or trade shares yourself, supported by our proprietary research, have us partner with you, and rest assured that our team of agile minds is focused on nothing less than meeting your investment need.
Your portfolio will be constructed in order to achieve your objectives and will be managed in a focused and rigorous way. Once an investment strategy is agreed and whether the portfolio management service is discretionary or non-discretionary, we will agree on the best method to manage the portfolio.
We, at BEIL, measure our success through the success of our clients. Whatever be your requirement, we will tailor your portfolio to your specific investment need. At the very base of a financially sound portfolio lies the identification of one’s investment objective. We help you identify your investment objectives and also outline important requirements like liquidity, capital appreciation, current income, time span and fiscal implications and then suggest an appropriate portfolio.
There are three distinct products available to implement your investment strategy, each with its own unique features to help you achieve your investment objectives. Our portfolio management service has delivered persistent, proven outperformance across all strategies.
Our Portfolio Management Products are:
Cap Edge
Managed Cap Edge
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Portfolio Management
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