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Cap Cash is a unique product of BEIL offering clients margin as well as non-margin services through individual BO (Beneficial Owner) Account. Clients can link their existing BO Accounts in BEIL with their existing accounts in other brokerage houses.
Our Expertise:
1 Experienced Portfolio Managers
You can gain access to sophisticated investment opportunities through our experienced Managers having excellent knowledge of both Fundamental and Technical Analysis. Their decade old experience has enabled them to make excellent market timings. Whatever is your Investment horizon (3 days to 3 years), they have every possible customized advice for you.
2 Excellent Sales and Customer Service
Our Sales and support team is unbelievably faster than you would expect. We have trained our sales/support team to be amiable with you even in the worst circumstance when you are grossly in error. They are empowered to take quick decisions to keep your valuable timing options intact.
3 Fastest Possible Response to Regulatory Changes
Our Management is fast and flexible. Changes by SEC and other regulators are captured within a single business hour from the announcement. We make sure that our clients are not disadvantaged because we reacted slowly.
4 Economies of Scale
We manage a fund that is worth over 7 billion. Service charge is spread around hundreds of accounts. Servicing your account is a zero cost venture for us.
5 4x5 Trading and 24x7 AdvisingServices
During Trading hours you can trade any time by calling our private numbers and after trade you can call anytime for advice- this is our 4x5 and 24x7 philosophy
6 Disciplined Approach
We seek to maintain a level of service quality that is potentially repeatable. So far Our employee turnover has been low and we have employed those who can perform the same task again and again with same level of dedication and accuracy,
7 Prudence and Conservatism
We care for your long lasting wealth creation at the expense of short term opportunity costs. Take the instance of margin loans: we don't support raising margin ratio abruptly in volatile markets. Some investors misunderstand our true intention and some rare others appreciate. We cant take chance with our investors' welfare.
Charges & Conditions:
Documentation Charge: BDT 500
Settlement Fees: 0.40%
Apply for your Cap Cash Account:
Contact person:
Ashikur Rahman
BRAC EPL Investments Ltd.
Phone: +88 01730453233
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