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Managed CAP Edge
Managed Cap Edge is a Portfolio Manager controlled account. Managers rather than the Investors retain all the authority and power to select the items to buy and sell, and the timing of trade while the investors can guide the managers by providing input on their return and risk preference. Under this arrangement, investors pay management fees (which are higher than those in Cap Edge) and brokerage commissions for trading.
Our Expertise:
1 In-depth Risk Assessment
We have developed quasi scientific measure to assess your risk appetite and risk taking ability. Accordingly we categorize you as aggressive, moderate or conservative. Your portfolios are designed as per you risk assessment measures.
2 Rigorous Risk Management
Our main risk management tool is diversification. Based on your risk score, we determine a level of diversification that fits with you.Furthermore, we take specific care when we select stocks for your portfolio. Risky stocks from cyclical industries are restricted from inclusion into your portfolio if you are risk averse.
3 Fastest Possible Response to Market Changes
We continuously monitor the market for hidden opportunities so that your portfolio remains the first in the queue to take the advantage. We have networks across most financial institutions in our capital market. So nothing we can miss for you.
4 Competitive
We can confidently let you search for rates in the industry from our competitors. The rates we charge are the minimum in the industry.
Charges & Conditions:
Minimum Investment Taka 500,000
Management Fee: 2.5%*
Settlement Fees: .40 per 100 trade value.
Lock in: 1 year
Availability of Margin: Unconditional and as per BSEC directives and client guideline
Margin Interest: Negotiable**
Account Opening Fees: Taka 1000 (one off)
Termination Fee: .5%***
* calculated daily but charged quarterly
** calculated daily but charged quarterly
*** in case of fund withdrawal in 1st year
Apply for your Cap Edge Account:
Contact person:
Ashikur Rahman
BRAC EPL Investments Ltd.
Phone: +88 01730453233
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