Frequently Asked Questions

Any adult citizen of Bangladesh, corporation and statutory body can open account with BRAC EPL.

As a client, you will have the absolute power to take your own investment decisions. However your investment shall remain within the list of our approved securities which your portfolio manager will regularly update you.

You can place your orders through physically submitting the order slip to our customer desks or by telephone and email and any other electronic devices.

Yes, subject to non execution of the said orders.

Through daily status report. Reports can also be received any time on demand.

In order to protect your equity position your portfolio managers call for additional funds to deposits in case your equity falls below a certain percentage (the percentage changes from time to time) of your debt obligation to maintain the stipulated debt to equity ratio.

Trigger is a right of your portfolio manager to execute sale of appropriate portion of your portfolio in case of your failure to provide additional deposits as required under margin call within 3 business day or if your equity further falls below a certain percentage of your debt. Trigger sale is executed to reduce your debt burden.

Your equity is calculated by deducting your debt balance from the market value of your securities. Your purchasing power is calculated as certain percentage of your equity.

Yes any time. Additional deposit would increase your equity and purchasing power.

Yes, you will be able to withdraw cash to the extent at which, after such withdrawal, your equity remains 100% of your debt obligation, also the cash withdrawal shall not drive your equity position below the minimum investment amount.

No, all your securities will be under lien with your portfolio managers.

Yes, provide that your preferred broker is a member of both the exchange.

Each of your trades will be distinctly recorded and account for. Therefore no averaging policy will be applied for allocating trades.

No, your portfolio managers will do these on your behalf and in your best interest.

Any adult citizen of Bangladesh, corporation and statutory body can open an account.

Yes, your account will have access to IPO and Pre-IPO application as per your guidelines and managers' assessment of attractiveness.

There is no guarantee of return. Return is linked to the market.

Yes. But over a long term we expect to deliver positive return.

The Margin loan will be given as per Margin Loan policy of the company, client guideline and SEC directives. (Cap 30 million)

Investors are the sole risk bearer. Portfolio manager would take reasonable steps to minimize such risk.

Yes, you will be able to withdraw cash from your account, subject to an Exit Fee for withdrawal before 1 year. Thereafter no withdrawal fee applies.

No, you will not be able to do so; all your securities will be under lien with your Portfolio Manager

No. Your portfolio manager would do these on your behalf.